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Dermart Buda's portfolio is expanding from spring 2019 with exclusive gynecological treatments and now we offer total rejuvenation of intimate areas at the clinic without surgical intervention!

Whether it is vaginal dryness as a menopausal symptom, postpartum vaginal looseness or skin discoloration, we cure them with non-surgical interventions following the latest trends to make our guests regain their youthful appearance, self-confidence, and enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

We recommend our gynecological treatments to all women who do not want to live with external genital lesions and want to feel comfortable in their own skin! Prof. Dr. Ferenc Bánhidy, specialist of genital rejuvenation, with 30 years of professional experience behind him, is among the firsts in Hungary applying these innovative medical solutions in Dermart Buda.

Gynecology services

Intimate correction and rejuvenation

New treatment:

Intimate corrections without surgical intervention for a healthy, positive self-image,
sexual desires and pleasures now available at Dermart Buda!


Not only our face is wrinkling, the flexibility of intimate areas also changing. The fat tissue decreases, the skin becomes flabby and loses its hold. The area is getting pigmented, it becomes brown and discolored. The visible changes in the area have a negative impact on self-confidence too. Beyond aesthetic changes, functionality is also changing. Inner and outer labia are no longer closing perfectly because of decreasing flexibility, and of course giving birth also contributes in this process. The aged labias cannot protect the vaginal gap which can even trigger a vicious circle.

Signs of intimate aging

We do not want to know about the aging process of our vagina, although it has many effects on our everyday life. Of course, there are individual factors and attributes, and of course giving birth is another significant factor, but many things change our body in the same way.
Women in their 40s are increasingly experiencing vaginal loss of elasticity, which is mostly because of decreasing estrogen levels in the body.
Women over the age of 50 are already faced with many changes due to menopause. The vaginal wall becomes thinner, less flexible, so the vagina becomes drier, which can make sex uncomfortable, even painful. The PH of the vagina also changes, resulting susceptibility to infections.
Until now only the surgical procedures were able to remedy the problem of intimate areas, nowadays we have a lot of possibilities to give a tighter, whiter, youthful vagina back to women.


1. Vagina filling
Hyaluronic acid is often used to tone the face, reduce wrinkles, and to fill the intimate areas.
The best known is the G-shot technique, where we fill up the G-point, increasing the orgasm skills. The most well-known material for this is Desirial, which we prefer to use for bulking and shaping the outer labia, and filling the G-point. Beyond its aesthetic effect, it also has a beneficial effect on vaginal dryness. Generally, treatment should be repeated every 6-9 months.

2. Laser treatments

As a result of laser treatments, the collagen production starts, collagen fibers become stronger, the vaginal wall becomes more elastic. The treatment is quick with minimal inconvenience. Having min. 2 occasions is required and can be repeated every 2-4 weeks.

3. Radiofrequency treatments

Radiofrequency treatments result contraction of collagen fibers and new collagen production by heating the deeper layers which is tightening the treated area. This treatment is especially recommended for those who want a mild but perceptible improvement without surgical intervention. You have to repeat treatment several times and you have to wait longer for the final results.

4. Platelet Enriched Plasma
PRP stimulates the stem cells injected into the vaginal wall, resulting a healthier and stronger vaginal mucosa. In addition to having a positive effect on sexual life, it can be used in many medical indications, such as incontinence, sexual ache and vaginal dryness.

5. PDO Thread lifting
The use of absorbable fibers in the intimate area is one of the newest treatments in the NSGR therapies. Like face lifting, Polydioxanone (PDO) fibers are used to tighten the intimate area. The result of the treatment could last 1-2 years until the fibers are completely absorbed.

We help you to find the most appropriate treatment for you and fight with aging! To arrange a consultation time, feel free to contact us!

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