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Sydney van den Bosch

After many years spent with looking for the best solution, I finally feel safe in the medical and cosmetic chair. I believe in prevention, high quality products and professionalism. I found them all in Dermart Buda.

Sydney van den Bosch, model
Melinda Ágoston

Katinka Pónyai M.D has a great professional reputation. Her achievements in aesthetic medicine, sophisticated facial rejuvenation treatments and satisfied patients make her an excellent dermatologist whom you can trust. I warmly recommend her.

Melinda Ágoston, master cosmetologist, make-up artist
Gabriella Hámori

Facial expressions are essential for an actress. It’s very important to me that my face can reflect all of my experiences in life. I am lucky to have great genes and combining this with rejuvenation treatments my skin regenerates naturally. I don’t like to have an ageless facial skin but healthy and fresh-looking.

Gabriella Hámori, actress
Alexandra Fábiáncsics

Natural, healthy and good-looking skin is a must in my work. Katinka Pónyai helps me to achieve all of these.

Alexandra Fábiáncsics, model
Dia Salamon

Healthy facial skin is as important as shape of body in a professional bikini fitness competition. It’s a kind of a beauty competition, you can’t do it without being self-confident. I’m very happy having Katinka Pónyai’s professional help to have a fresh and feminine facial skin both on the stage and everydays. I warmly recommend Dermart Buda for those who want to have astonishing skin.

Dia Salamon, world fitness champion
Attila Katus

Dedication, professionalism and patient-centered attitude make Katinka Pónyai M.D a brilliant dermatologist whom I can trust. I recommend her everyone.

Attila Katus, personal trainer
Fibi Véger

Katinka and Dermart help me to preserve my natural beauty.

Fibi Véger, make-up artist
Dermart Buda